While the law tries to keep up with the times, there are some laws that slip through the cracks and stay in the books longer than they are necessary. Conversely, other laws are made that are just plain weird! Let’s take a look at some of the crazy laws that are currently in effect in New York State.

  • You must purchase a license before hanging clothes on a clothesline.
  • If you are a man you aren’t allowed to go outside while wearing a jacket and pants that don’t match.
  • Donkeys aren’t allowed to sleep in bathtubs.
  • Every business is required to have a spittoon that is cleaned every 24 hours.
  • You are not allowed to greet someone else by putting your thumb on your nose and wiggling your fingers.
  • You have to pay a $25 fee for flirting in public.
  • If you throw a ball at someone’s head for fun you are breaking the law.
  • The penalty for jumping off of a building is death.
  • On Sunday’s you aren’t allowed to walk around with an ice cream cone in your pocket.
  • When you are riding in an elevator you aren’t allowed to talk to anyone. Moreover, you must fold your hands and look towards the door.
  • After 10:00 PM it is illegal to wear slippers.
  • When you are at a concert it is illegal to eat peanuts and walk backwards on the sidewalks.
  • In Kendall, NY it is illegal to camp out on your own property for more than 72 hours. If you want to camp out for two weeks you need a permit, which can only be obtained once a year.
  • In the Town of Hempstead it is illegal to operate a mechanical bull.
  • In Nassau County it’s illegal to sell broad tipped markers to minors.
  • In the Town of Babylon anyone under the age of 16 cannot play commercial video games during school hours or on any weekday that school is in session.
  • The Village of Head of the Harbor has made it illegal to have a picnic in public.
  • In Sag Harbor you aren’t allowed to disrobe in your car.
  • In Suffolk County you aren’t allowed to release 25 or more helium balloons within a 24 hour period.
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