Ladies at Law

What comes to mind when you think of a courtroom? Do you conjure images of judges in black robes, a group of jurors, and a bible on which you swear to speak the truth? While all of these are true, one thing has become appallingly clear. The place in which thousands go to seek justice, […]

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What is Restraining Order Abuse

Restraining order abuse is a form of abuse of process or malicious prosecution in which a plaintiff applies for a restraining order for a purpose other than that for which it was intended. Usually, people who go against the rules of a restraining order are searching for some sort of revenge or harassment.  Though, at […]

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Top 100 Women Owned Law Firm in NYS

Very recently my law office, The Law Office of Erica Yitzhak, was voted one of the TOP 100 women owned law firms in all of New York State. The voting was held by the new York State Law Journal, a daily Law journal that keeps up to date happening in the world of law. Here […]

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