women in law increase

The amount of women in the industry of law continues to increase.

According a recent article written by Beth L. Kaufman and published by The National Law Review, women across the globe are helping other women achieve success in the legal world, particularly in law.  The National Association of Women Lawyers is the only national bar association dedicated to promoting and advancing the rights and concerns of women under the law.

Today, women make up almost 30% of General Counsels, a significant improvement to a few years back when they only comprised 15 percent of General Counsels in the same exact companies.  This growth of women in the working law force can be traced back to 2006, when The National Association of Women Lawyers, or NAWL, made a goal to double the amount of women in general counsel and equity partners from 15 to 30 percent.  Luckily, their goal was not only met, but acquired a year ahead of where NAWL intended to be. According to Kaufman, “This achievement is in sharp contrast to the fate of women lawyers in the 200 largest U.S. law firms, where women have stagnated at 17 percent or less of those law firms’ equity partners since NAWL’s annual survey of the advancement of women lawyers began,” (Kaufman, Achieving Success in the Legal Profession: Women Helping Women). This furthers Kaufman’s evidence of finding women reaching out to one another in order to succeed in a very competitive field, where they compete among incredibly powerful men. Kaufman goes on to talk about her own personal experiences with NAWL.  She writes:

“There are thousands of women lawyers in this country in many different practice settings who have advanced, are leaders, and love the practice of law.  I am one of them and have spent almost 35 years loving what I do as a professional each and every day.   Many of NAWL’s leaders and members have similar feelings. As an organization, NAWL brings those lawyers together whenever it can to share their experiences with younger lawyers and impart views as to how the practice of law can be a nurturing professional experience for women, and one in which they can achieve whatever success they desire.” (Kaufman, Achieving Success in the Legal Profession: Women Helping Women)

In conclusion, NAWL has truly earned its claim as the “voice of women in the law,” helping all women who are lawyers achieve success and dig themselves out of the stereotypical notion that women in law can never be equivalent to the men in law.  This is just simply not true.  The women of NAWL have proven themselves to be extremely determined, well-educated, and dedicated individuals when it comes to their line of work.  For more information about NAWL and how women continue to help other women out in law, read Kaufman’s article here.

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