For an industry which grounds itself on eliminating bias and proving equity in treatment, the industry has been failing its own women.

Only 4 percent of the top U.S. law firms have women in firm-wide managing partnership roles. A survey of over 17,000 law firm associates concluded that women aged their firms’ culture much lower than their male colleagues. Women today are also twice as likely as men to eave their firms to pursue a better work-life balance.

The issue with these old-school cultured large law firms is that by not placing women in these higher roles of decision making, they will not shape the culture. Women should hold at least half of the positions in the firm’s strategizing and influential sector.

In a recent study of 65,000 employees, the responders declared “associate attorney” as the unhappiest job in America. Women are still bearing the tasks of having children, caring for them, and rearing them – more than most men and at atypical law firm job, those things start to look impossible.

Law being an unhappy work environment and experience today has been well documented across a range of various outlets. The perception only supports the dire need for upheaval within the process of decision-making condoned at large law firms.

Erica Yitzhak Lawyer MotherIn order to make law firms future focused, proactive, and innovative, they must engage the women who work for them. 


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